Success Stories

StylebySummer – is functional, fun and very personalized. She has dressed me for an array of occasions. Anything from first dates to weddings. Anytime I wear an ensemble by Style by Summer I get compliments or fiends asking to borrow my outfit. It’s totally true! Best compliment ever. And she gives me confidence in what I wear. It feel great to know you feel put together and look good. ~Kristen

Okay ladies and gentlemen not sure how to wear the latest fashions or classic styles that hang in your closet .. Summer with StylebySummer has the magic touch to create many different looks for your life style with ease. Summer also logs all of our outfits so you have your own portfolio to refer to. I had a concern about age appropriate fashions for my body type and life style, Summer gave me the tools and tricks to use as I am getting dressed .. and if you forget you have the photo portfolio to refer back to. Always a fun and affordable day when Summer graces my closet! Thanks Summer !! ~Rhea




I needed a specific looks for an important event and used Style by Summer’s Shop Til Ya Drop for wardrobe consulting. My expectations were highly surpassed. She has a keen eye for style and has her own unique process in how she can create new looks for you that highlight your individuality. Her professionalism and personal care make sure you not only feel comfortable, but that you look and feel amazing. Using Summer’s services not only gave me the extra confidence I needed for my event, but an education on styles that work for me in general. She was able to listen to me and understand my needs and desires and transformed them into a new image that I absolutely love. She works within your budget and knows all the stores to take you to. I was never one to really love shopping, but all that’s changed now! My shopping session with Summer was exciting and inspiring. I feel lucky to have found her and recommend her services to anyone wanting to update their look whether for their own personal image or for business related reasons. Her services are truly transformational! ~Sunshine


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  1. Cara Stengel says:

    I work with Summer and let it be said, she is known and recognized at our work place for her keen fashion sense and style. Whether it is attire suitable for meetings with Executives, or casual Friday, every woman on site is either admiring what she is wearing or asking her for advice for what to wear for an upcoming event in their calendar. What I love most about Summer, is that she always has a way of making people feel better about themselves after working with them, which is why she has such a big fan base.

    I highly recommend using her services, as she can turn any wardrobe into something to be excited about, while working with whatever budget you have. She is also just an absolute joy to be around, which makes her services a steal 

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