15 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Tie Two Scarfs TogetherFold into a Square Create a TriangleOver the Neck and Knot in the MiddleLoop Through with a KnotFigure 8 LoopBelted
ShawlCriss CrossInfinity with Front KnotInfinity Scarf Knotted at the BackDouble Loop MessyLoop Pull through Right or Left Side
Neck Loop with Long EndsInfinity Knotted Double Layered Off to the SideOpen Double Knotted

15 Ways to Wear a Scarf, a set on Flickr.

I love accessories–they can completely transform an outfit. One of my favorite accessories is the scarf! See some of the different ways you can wear your scarves and maybe you will heart scarves as much as I do.

p.s.scarves are not only for winter i wear them all year around.

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