How to accessorize a bandeau top or strapless dress

When you wear a straight across strapless bandeau top or strapless dress most of the time it calls for a short necklace of the choker variety. That doesn’t mean it has to be a ribbon tied tight to your neck Victorian Style, but it shouldn’t come down any longer than a couple of inches above the top of the shirt or dress. The reason why, is because this is very clean straight line so it highlights your entire upper body (neck, shoulders, décolletage etc.) you don’t want anything cluttering that space, so to speak.

Stay away from the urge to layer a bunch of necklaces it will clutter and distract from the part of the body you are show casing.

Also if you’re large chested you also want to keep any necklace you wear simple.

On the other hand if you are smaller chested you can wear a longer necklace.

If you’re small chested, without cleavage, you have more option You can go for a big, chunky statement piece, or you can ignore the rules outlined above and layer longer necklaces

The other option is to wear statement earrings and no necklace.

The key, as always when accessorizing is to remember less is more.  Think almost in terms of opposite, if you have a statement ring, leave your bracelets at home.  If you are rocking a chunky necklace pair with simple studs. Always  pair simple with ornate and vice versa.

What to wear with a strapless dress or a bandeau top

What to wear with a strapless dress or bandeau top

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