Summer Lovin’: All of the things I’m Lovin’ Right Now


1.       Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet:  Holds your phone, plus credit cards and cash everything you need for a night out.

2.       Rachel Zoe Faux Fur and Leather Jacket:  Amazingly stylish jacket with incredible fit.  Worth the $$$.

3.       Ella Moss Dress:  So sexy-very cool retro print.  You can dress up and down.

4.       Revolver Charm:  A provocative conversation piece.

5.       Alchemist Earring by Gretchen Jones of Project Runway:  love the juxtaposition of femininity and strength.

6.       Remain Tie Neck Satin Blouse:  this is so on trend right now, but I love that it’s timeless.  I have worn with jeans, leggings and skirts.  It looks fab tucked or untucked!

7.       Marc Jacobs pony hair cuff:  One of my favorite pieces.  My husband got it for me for my birthday and I LOVE (thanks babe!)

8.       Memoi “Fur Ever” Classic Boot Topper Socks:  Amazing—glams up any pair of boots or booties. Obsessed!

9.       Double Wrap Sliced and Studded Bracelet LP Collection:  I am lovin the color cabernet for fall; it’s so rich and adds the perfect pop of color.

10.   Batiste Tones: Dry Shampoo:  So obsessed—I use this practically every day.  Sadly I can go almost 5 days without washing my hair and it still looks fab (at least I think so)!

11.   Lorac Front of the Line PRO:  This has replaced my liquid eyeliner.  It provides the same affect but is easier to apply and creates a more precise cat eye.

12.   Chanel Chance:  Deliciously subtle.

13.   Colour Block Long Purse Top Shop:  the perfect replacement for our LB Clutches.  I am loving the green.

14.   Michael Kors Neck Warmer Sweater:  the fit is perfect and the collar buttons on and off.  I am sometimes wearing the neck warmer as a scarf on its own.

15.   Peacock Earrings:  OBSESSED, if you don’t have them get them now!

16.   Trouve Faux Leather Front Leggings:  These look great with item #6, #7, #8 ….well everything on the list.  They are great with billowy sweaters and blouses paired with booties.

17.   Iosselliani Green Agate & Degrade Tassle Silver Earrings:  I am so obsessed with green this season.  These double my pleasure with green and the Navajo look that is so on trend right now.

18.   Almay Intense i-color smoky-i kit:  go get it—eye shadows for dummies.  Its colored coded with childlike instructions.

19.   Dolce Vita-Jade Suede Wedge Sandals:  Seriously buy these in any color you can find, they are the lightest and most comfortable (without sacrificing style) shoes EVER!

20.   UGG Sheepskin Cuff Boot:  I am kind of obsessed with fur… these are amazing!

21.   Banana Republic Anna Rouched Ballet Flats:  These come in a variety of colors and are Über comfortable.  I know sounds weird because aren’t all ballet flats comfy?!? 

22.   Banana Republic Mad Men Collection:  I do find Banana’s shoes very comfy for some reason.  I don’t care what brand you buy just get classic leopard print shoes….go, what are you waiting for?!?!?

23.   Kerastase: Hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, EVERYTHING, really worth the $$$.

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