Marrakech Work Trip–Hotel Opening

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Work Trip to Marrakech Packing List

I chose clothing based on the following criteria:
1. Culture (no bare shoulders, low cut neck lines, or skirts above the knees)
2. Comfort–since you will probably be on your feet a lot I chose shoe options with low heels.  I think you could get away with one cute pair of kitten heels and a low heel boot.  I prefer a pointy toe vs. a round because it lengthens the leg and is slimming.  Both shoes look great with pants, skirts or dresses.
3. Weather–it will be raining the first couple of days that you arrive and then around 72-75′ day high and a low of 54′.
Everything I have included is from stores that you can go to or purchase on-line (Banana, JCrew, Nordstrom, Bloomies, Macy’s, Express). And everything can be worn multiple ways with multiple pieces. I included a couple blazer options and bolero cap sleeve sweater those items can be interchangeable.
For your packing list I would include some of the following:
1 pair of kitten heels ( i like leopard which you should think of as a neutral with a little bit of pow)
1 pair of black boots or low black heels
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 jacket ( i love a trench because it is classy and looks good on anyone)
1 cardigan or bolero type sweater in a neutral (black, gray, camel)
1 black blazer
1 black pant (hemmed so they can accommodate kitten heels) –i like Express suit pants they fit well and come in 3 lengths, and are a good price point.
1 gray pant
1 camel pant
1 sheath dress ( if you bring the white one you got from Banana you will need to wear a shirt with sleeves under) i paired with a lavender button down, black boots and tights.
1 party dress
1 pair of dark denim skinny jeans ( i like paige)
1 pair of neutral colored skinnies( gray, camel, ox blood)
5 tops to wear with jeans after work–depending on the situation you may be able to wear some of the work shirts with your jeans
5 Chunky statement necklaces
3 chunky statement rings
2 statement bracelets
2 scarfs/pashmina one with color and one that is black and white or neutral that work to accessorize but also can provide additional warmth
1 work purse
1 cross the body purse for going out after work
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Work Holiday Lunch Option 2

Work Holiday Lunch Option 2

Banana Republic sleeveless top

H m
$48 –

Banana Republic leather shoes

Banana republic

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Work Holiday Lunch

Work Holiday Lunch

Banana Republic sleeveless top

H m
$48 –

Nine west

Banana Republic stone jewelry

White pearl earrings
$7.26 –

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15 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Tie Two Scarfs TogetherFold into a Square Create a TriangleOver the Neck and Knot in the MiddleLoop Through with a KnotFigure 8 LoopBelted
ShawlCriss CrossInfinity with Front KnotInfinity Scarf Knotted at the BackDouble Loop MessyLoop Pull through Right or Left Side
Neck Loop with Long EndsInfinity Knotted Double Layered Off to the SideOpen Double Knotted

15 Ways to Wear a Scarf, a set on Flickr.

I love accessories–they can completely transform an outfit. One of my favorite accessories is the scarf! See some of the different ways you can wear your scarves and maybe you will heart scarves as much as I do.

p.s.scarves are not only for winter i wear them all year around.

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Rhea A. How to Wear Clothes that are Already in Your Closet

uploadRhea Ashcraft Styling SessionRhea Ashcraft 10/21/12uploadRhea Ashcraft 10/21/12

Rhea Ashcraft 10/21/12, a set on Flickr.

Styling session using clothes in your closet that you are not sure how to wear.

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Option #3 Men’s Casual Party Look

Option #3 Men's Casual Party Look

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